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AdFuel is North America’s most progressive digital marketing agency and publisher of advanced targeted advertising. We are a full service marketing agency comprised of creative professionals who wish to provide advertising solutions for all businesses anywhere in the world. 

Our services include web development, online reputation management, and search engine optimization. We are also proud to present you our targeted digital advertising solution.  Our platform targets affinity and in-market audiences that relate to your niche and ensures every penny is spent on qualified audiences through our machine learning algorithm.

Targeted Digital Advertising


You don’t have to worry about spending your budget on irrelevant audiences with our advanced targeted advertising platform. Specific characteristics such as age, income and location can be targeted based on your campaign goals. Additionally, our powerful retargeting system ensures interested audiences see your ad repeatably to increase conversions for your business!

  • Communicates Simply and Effectively
  • Convert Your Viewers into Customers
  • Learn About Your Audiences
  • Blend Your Ads with the Media Format they are Displayed In
  • Boost Clicks and Conversions
  • Target High Traffic Digital Space through Social Media Feeds
  • Improve Video Completion Rates
  • Create an Emotional Connection with Your Brand
  • Visually Deliver More Information to Your Audience
  • Utilize Smart TV & Set Top Boxes
  • Advertise on Popular Channels & Lower Your Marketing Costs
  • Focus on Relevant Audiences & Households

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Simplifying Programmatic Media Buying with Honesty and Customization

AdFuel presents to you the most transparent and easy-to-use Programmatic Marketing Platform or targeted digital advertising on the market.

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