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Adfuel™ is North America’s most progressive digital marketing company and publisher of advanced targeted advertising.

We at Adfuel™ posses the technology and the platform for a full digital marketing execution. Thanks to proper utilization of Universal Advertising, Adfuel is able automate personalized marketing campaigns across several channels, devices & Ad Formats.

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Our platform is capable of performing multichannel advertising, and Adfuel™ is able to market across Google, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, Display, OTT/CTV & Video. Not only do we have the ability to market across numerous channels, but we can also connect with the world’s leading platforms to drive audiences to your website and mobile app.

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Marketing Execution


Automate Personalized Marketing Across Channels, Devices & Ad Formats.

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To expand businesses by implementing tested and true digital advertising methods that boost the overall success of the business.

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To become the most successful digital advertising agency that had ever existed!