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Social Media is an outlet that allows consumers the chance to really see what defines you as a business and makes you different from the rest. Our campaign method creates the right blend of promotional messaging, entertaining content, and compelling information that makes customers engage.

Social Media Done Right



These posts promote sales, contests and direct links to your business.



These posts show the human side of your business that consumers can relate to. Fundraisers, industry updates etc.



These posts are meant to get people talking and sharing.

Social Media Management

You know you need it, but who has the time?

Social Media has never been more important, or more relevant to your bottom line. It is changing the way our consumers interact with your business. It’s not just cat videos and updates about your friends.

You need to establish the right balance of powerful brand messaging and information that potential customers will actually want to comment on and share with their friends and family.

We utilize social media platforms through the use of strategic planning, engaging content and effective images to efficiently promote your brand and engage your customers. Using your company’s voice and goals, we will build campaigns that will get you results.

Platforms We Support

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest


Choose between two campaign options to suit your needs


  • Your choice of ONE social networking channel
  • Up to 8 posts/week
  • Social networking strategy created to drive traffic
  • Cover Image, Profile Image, and other images created with consistency to match your brand identity
  • Basic fan engagement
  • Standard Organic Growth
  • Target Your Chosen Audience
  • Targeted Likes
  • Targeted Follow/Unfollow


  • Choice of TWO social networking channels
  • Up to 7 posts per channel/week
  • Monthly social network content & engagement strategy preparation
  • One new cover image posted per month to promote company interests, promotions, or seasonal holidays (facebook).
  • Profile Image
  • Basic Fan Engagement
  • Standard Organic Growth
  • Target Your Chosen Audience
  • Targeted Likes
  • Targeted Follow/Unfollow

Additional channels are available

Need more platforms?
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