Targeted Digital Advertising

Stop wasting money on impressions to the wrong audience. With Adfuel Targeting Digital Advertising, you can ensure the right people are seeing your message at the right time.

Below are just a few methods you can use to target your digital advertising more successfully:


Reach online users who have been to your website before, or clicked on your advertisments.

Contextual Targeting

Target sites with content that matches your keywords (eg. Real Estate, Finance, Entertainment). Your ads will appear on sites with an audience that is already interested in your topic!

Website Targeting

Target your ads to specific websites. Put your ads on sites that you know will attract your audience.

Audience Targeting

Target your audience by demographic information to match your ideal consumer.

Native Ads

Make your ads look like the content on popular websites. Generate more clicks by blending with material your audience is already interested in.

Desktop Video

Put a video ad on popular video streaming websites like Youtube. Can be a pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ad.

Mobile Video

Like desktop video, mobile video allows you to target your video ads on mobile devices across websites and apps.

Hyper-Local Mobile

Target a location to reach your audience with Microproximity Geofencing. Hyperlocal targeting allows you to specify real-world areas to target your ads within.

Connected TV

Serve digital video on an Internet-enabled television during TV content. With Connected TV, advertisers are able to serve video ads to consumers watching live sports or news, or while they are binge-watching on their favourite show on television. As television audiences become more fragmented and time-shifted, advertisers need to stay in front of their target audience, which they can now achieve with Connected TV advertising.

Mobile Third-Party Audiences

Target mobile devices using third-party audience data aquired from data partners.

Mobile First-Party Audiences

Create your own audience profile through audience captures or exisitng device IDs, and retarget users in mobile apps and the web.

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