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Wifi Marketing

Take Free WiFi Hotspots to Another Dimension


Adfuel can help your business turn free WiFi hotspots into powerful marketing platforms by gathering data and sending traffic to designated online locations.

It is easy to set your marketing on auto-pilot with our social powered WiFi systems. Transform your guest WiFi into a powerful social WiFi marketing, research, and customer insights tool. Obtain qualified leads and stand out from competitors. Look below for more information!
Wifi Marketing Strategy

Turn Free WiFi HotSpots Into Powerful Marketing Platforms

Adfuel has the best social powered wifi marketing platform that gathers customer data and enhances your marketing strategy.

  • Grow Email & Text Lists
  • Auto-Pilot Marketing
  • Text & Email Marketing
  • Grow Social Followers
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Social WiFi Logins

Consumers login with their social media account that automatically gathers all the customers information including email address. Options to also have consumers sign-in with email or phone number.

Grow Customer Lists

Our wifi marketing platform will automatically gather customer’s information and demographics which will allow your business to gain valuable knowledge about its customer base.

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Custom Splash Pages

Easily customize splash pages to match your brand and presence. Add your logo, background images and choose types of login options.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

When a customer logs into your FREE wifi hostspot provided by Wifirockits.com, they will be directed to a customizable page that can request customer feedback and reviews.

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Automated SMS & Email Marketing

Your business will be able to set up automated text and email campaigns to zero in on your customers. You will also be able   to send mass offers, promotions, and messages to your customers.

Social Widgets & Deals/Promotions

When a customer logs into your FREE wifi hotspot provided by Wifirockits.com, they will be directed to a customizable page that can display social widgets and/or deals and promotions for your business.

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